May 1, 2010

Four More Years Pass and Life Changes

And suddenly, it's 2010! In the past 4 years we moved from Malden to Melrose (2 miles north) and bought a house large enough for Jun's parents to move in with us. Which they have done.

Joshua is now five years old and will be starting kindergarten in the Fall. He is a nonstop ball of energy! Very smart, but extremely active and talkative. It is an effort most days to get him to settle down.

My job was going along swimmingly. I was promoted to the position of "Director of Product Management" with the responsibilities of overseeing the entire Technical Writing department as well as remaining an individual contributor for a number of product lines. Back in 2009, my company acquired another company, which increased the number of people reporting to me. I was reporting directly to the Chief Technical Officer/Senior VP of Engineering and felt like I was able to make significant contributions to the overall quality of our products. Things were, in a nutshell, really looking up for the future.

Sadly, that is apparently coming to an end now that my company has itself been acquired by a competitor. They have offered me a similar (perhaps even better) position with the new company, but the Boston office will be closed in the very near future and I would likely have to relocate to Wisconsin or Toronto to accept the position. Given the fact that Jun is fully employed with a good job of her own, her parents have moved in with us, my parents still live here in Boston, and a host of other reasons, I don't think I'll be able to take them up on their offer. And so, the next phase of my life begins. I'm tempted to just take the summer off and relax with my son before he starts kindergarten, but we'll see...